Create a bootstrap file to speedup wallet synced

On Windows: Go to CMD command windows, locate to your wallet data folder. Create a bootstrap.dat file using copy command On linux, locate to your wallet data path and execute the following command: ls -1…

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Blockchain index update issue

TX not found while trying syn.js index update reindex

Problem:Duplicate “Time” in the rawtransaction rpc Solution: Delete the line of file: src/rpcrawtransaction.cpp Re-compile the daemon wallet and remove previous synchronized data. Another issue you’ll meet while running: node scripts/sync.js index update Cannot read property…

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makefile.unix:179: recipe for target ‘obj/checkpoints.o’ failed

This error occurs when you’re trying to compile the daemon coind from source on Ubuntu 18.0.4 and the solution is

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Iquidus Explorer – Reverse Proxy Port 3001 to 80

Redirecting traffic from one port to another Let’s issue the following command to redirect incoming traffic on port 80 to our Node.js app that is listening on port 1337: sudo iptables -A PREROUTING -t nat…

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Learning about Blockchain explorer Mongodb

Setup a crypto coin blockchain explorer: I deployed a iquidus explorer. Remember some useful sql for Mongodb: #startup sudo service mongod start # connect console commands #mongo > show dbs; > use tempdb; > db.dropDatabase();{…

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Simplest way to solo mining Crebellion

The easy Solo mining Guide in 3 steps: 1) make a crebel.conf file: Windows: Make a new text file and name it crebel.conf \AppData\Roaming\crebel\crebel.conf ubuntu: /.crebel/crebel.conf 2) write this in your crebel.conf file:

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