How to activate Elementor Pro license

Elementor Pro is an exceptional website building tool that empowers users to create stunning and highly functional websites with ease. As a web designer, I have found Elementor Pro to be an invaluable asset in…

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Happy Addons Pro for Elementor

Certainly! Happy Addons Pro for Elementor is a powerful extension that enhances the capabilities of the Elementor page builder even further, providing users with an expanded toolkit to create visually appealing and highly functional websites….

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Optimal DevOps Choice: Affordable 8GB RAM Server by Contabo

Embarking on a journey to create your own cryptocurrency is an exciting endeavor, full of innovative possibilities and potential for financial success. As a new developer, selecting the right hosting provider is a crucial decision…

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SSL CERT in localhost on xampp

Create a trusted SSL in localhost on XAMPP

Chrome browser updates has become a burden for local development. Not only they decided to disable .dev domain for local development, they also really have specific configuration in SSL Cert to show the site as…

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How to upgrade PHP 7.4 for XAMPP on Windows

I’m trying to activate Contact Form 7 Dynamic Text Extension, but no way to success. It’s worth noting that upgrading to PHP 7.4 or higher is recommended for security, performance, and compatibility reasons. It ensures…

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Key to success in Tiktok business

How does Tiktok business really work?

“I also spend 1-2 hours every day scrolling and watching short videos, livestream on TikTok. How does business on this social platform work? I only use it for entertainment purposes. I don’t care”. These were…

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