How does Tiktok business really work?

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Key to success in Tiktok business

“I also spend 1-2 hours every day scrolling and watching short videos, livestream on TikTok. How does business on this social platform work? I only use it for entertainment purposes. I don’t care”. These were my initial thoughts. But looking at how many businesses and creators unexpectedly achieved great success by choosing the right platform, we should delve deeper into its intelligent tagging algorithm.

Right Categorizing / Tagging contents for Viewer

Through an intelligent algorithm, the system suggests content that closely matches the viewers’ preferences and habits, while constantly learning and enriching its database. Every action on a video – watching, pausing, reading comments, sharing, etc. – is labeled and recorded by the system, allowing for user identification and personalized content recommendation. As a result, you can be sure to find the content you want to watch and keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Labeling the contents on the creator’s channel

The system requires time and a significant amount of content data from creators uploaded to their channels. The algorithm enables machine learning to analyze and label the content as well as the creators, allowing for accurate content recommendations to viewers interested in similar topics on your channel.However, this does not mean that if you often watch content related to photography and travel, for example, your views will skyrocket when you post content about travel on your channel. The system will label what you often watch for the viewers, while the content you post will identify your channel and require a significant amount of data.

Start a business on Tiktok?

Finding a niche to do business on the TikTok platform is not a bad plan. But with a blank sheet of paper like you, how do you harness the power of a platform with billions of users? If you do well and sincerely, viewers will react positively to what you share.

Bid for 1,000,000 Views

I’m not good at speaking in front of a camera, who would watch me? It’s okay, I will invest some money to buy a package to promote my channel and get more views. I will become famous, and my products will be easy to sell. I’m just thinking about the red carpet to my own business success

You are right to think that you can spend some money to bring more people to watch your live stream. However, viewers will gradually interact less with a weak host who is not even proficient in live streaming on TikTok. Therefore, consider carefully before investing money to buy views. If you’re strong enough to attract the viewer, you can drive more good traffic by bidding viewers

Don’t make “Add to cart” button ?

Placing a product basket during a live stream, interacting with viewers, and directing them to make purchases is a good idea. But in reality, when you have a product basket, your content will reach a much smaller audience. Essentially, each user is labeled with their interests, shopping preferences, and financial abilities. When you promote a product through a video, the system limits the number of people who can access your content, only displaying it on the interface of those who have a habit of buying, are likely to be interested in this product. Therefore, it is normal for interaction to decrease when placing a product basket. This does not mean that the platform does not encourage sales transactions. Think about it, in addition to attracting viewers with short content, it also suggests useful products for those who really need them. By selling products, this platform also earns a considerable income. This is beneficial for both the person placing the order and the buyer, while also enriching the revenue source for the system.

Share your daily motions

Sharing your daily life and creating a unique personality for your content channel. When you are sincere with your viewers, share useful content for the community, don’t violate the law, then surely everyone will support, spread and help boost sales skyrocketing in the near future

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