Bypass Cross-domain Policy

Bypass cross-domain policy download HLS stream with FFMPEG

HLS stream ( m3u8 ) is a well-known media type in the Internet. How could I download the m3u8 to MP4 by using ffmpeg Some application, website has protected their stream by cross-domain policy. We’ll…

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iMacros Automation Tool

Tricks to save your time and money with iMacros

Time is precious enjoy every moment. But there’s so many stupid jobs you have to finish manually, waste too much time such as: log into company website dashboard, send a daily report to boss at…

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Fastpanel Dashboard

Turn your $5 VPS into Multi-site Hosting with Fastpanel

Imagine you’ve got a $5 budget as monthly website maintenance, and you also want to tune server/hosting performance? It’s possible for you to get a starter hosting package. But today I will tell you to…

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Simple script to keep key process running

If you’re running a VPS to host your website blog, how could you keep your service running Yes, It’s simple. You need to monitor the key (important) services, processes of your application running. Here’s my…

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Disable Litespeed cache on shared hosting

LSCache provides excellent improved performance by caching website content. But I sometime need to run another caching solution. So today I will tell you how to disable LScache on a specified domain. Modify your .htaccess…

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Send message , photo , document files to Telegram

These are some useful command for you to use a telegram bot send messages in bash shell. Send message: Send Photo: Send document files How to get CHAT_ID for your telegrambot? Add your bot to…

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