Restream M3U8 source to Facebook Youtube Live

How to restream a m3u8 stream to YouTube/Facebook with FFmpeg Whilst it’s not common if you want to restream a m3u8 source and view through YouTube here is the way to do it with FFmpeg….

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Configure SSL for Cpanel Hosting websites

Trusted connection on the Internet is the must-have security requirement for all websites. How to configure your website with a totally free SSL certificate? 1. Please verify that your hosting provider supports SSLforfree or Letsencrypt….

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Safety Move WordPress site to new hosting

Steps by steps, safety migrate your whole wordpress website to new domain/hosting.  1. Backup data and files of current website: + In Hosting cPanel, go FTP Files, select folder of website, choose compress + To…

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namecheap hosting SSH

SSH connect to Namecheap

Shell access is not enabled on your account! If you need shell access please contact support. How To Connect Namecheap (NC) Hosting via SSH? I’m using shared hosting package of Namecheap ( order hosting with…

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Gamers Play and Get GameCredit

I started to mine cryptocurrency (gamecredit) since 3rd April,2018. Why I choose $game, just because I like playing PC games. And now Gamers can make money with $Game Gamecredit Mining Specifications Algorithm: Scrypt BlockTime: 90…

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