How to find a website in the past

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turn back time 1990s website

There’s so many websites in the internet, some websites are still available, some other website didn’t work or expired.
turn back time 1990s website
Most of all websites could be archived in a wayback machine ( not all the website all over the world ).
For example, when I was a student in 2008, I joined into a forum named I posted some images, love stories there. But that forum expired 2011, It has been offline now. How could I find these remarkable memories?
It seems to be so easy when I head to Then enter my childhood forum url. I found some website snapshot.
Point in time snapshot
The wayback machine called is a non-profit project, it takes snapshot of webpage or the whole website at period time in the past. Free to register and save your webpage with this turn back time machine.
How could I make use of this machine?
The website’s a huge library ( stored images, audios, videos…etc ). It’s so powerful, and really helpful for everyone. Maybe I’m not good at IT, and I’ve just used this machine for a simple purpose. CHECK website (domain)’s “childhood” !
I mean that: a website ( business project ) like a person, it has childhood. Before I’m going to buy an expired domain name, I need to check if that domain has blacklist, illegal contents or not. Or I maybe find out some special childhood photos in 1990s – 2000s forum.
Hey, That’s what I do to find an old stable version of wordpress templates, plugins. You should try find something interesting there!
Good luck, my friends. Thanks for wayback machine at archive(dot)org

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