How to select stable php version

Select PHP version in SHARED hosting

Why do you need multiple PHP versions in the same hosting account? There’re many web applications , only runs stably with a specific PHP version. For example a chat web based program like yshout runs…

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Convert mov to mp4

Convert .mov to .mp4 using FFMEG

Why do you need this tool ? I myself often record daily moments with my smartphone, iphone, DSLR camera…etc. And these devices has output file extension is .MOV . I will need to convert into…

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Python to download video from douyin

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PHP parse douyin url without watermark

How to get downloadable video url from douyin?

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TX not found while trying syn.js index update reindex

Problem:Duplicate “Time” in the rawtransaction rpc Solution: Delete the line of file: src/rpcrawtransaction.cpp Re-compile the daemon wallet and remove previous synchronized data.

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makefile.unix:179: recipe for target ‘obj/checkpoints.o’ failed

This error occurs when you’re trying to compile the daemon coind from source on Ubuntu 18.0.4 and the solution is

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