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I started to mine cryptocurrency (gamecredit) since 3rd April,2018. Why I choose $game, just because I like playing PC games. And now Gamers can make money with $Game
Gamecredit Mining Specifications
Algorithm: Scrypt
BlockTime: 90 seconds
Retarget: Every block
Block Reward: 12.5 coins
Max coins: 84,000,000
Gshare - Gamecredit Mining Tool

$Game value: (very stable )
GameCredit official website:
Gamecredit official mining pools: (pool fee: 1%, supports 0.1-8000 GMC/transaction, transaction fee 0.01 GMC)

bonus a mining pool: ( pool fee 0.9%, supports 1-250 GMC/transaction, transaction fee 0.001 GMC )
How to mine
1. Download the Gshare software from url:
Windows: gshare miner
2. Create your wallet from:
3. Start mining with pools ( create an account in pools –> create worker with password ).
windows mining command: minerd.exe -a scrypt -t 4 -o stratum+tcp:// -u workername -p password
Trading $Game
$Game can be sent directly from Game wallet to and
Helps & share
If you have any question, please feel free to ask.
And if you’re mining $game, let’s donate this website some $.$ :
$Game wallet Address: GKr1u2WwsS3ejFt9RWKnnftPcaGEU4gCqc

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