How to fix cryptocurrency coin wallet out of sync?

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Wallet out of Sync

I’m a newbie at Cryptocurrency (coin ) mining . I’ll tell you how I fix my problem with offline (cold ) wallet.

WHY Should I Use Offline wallet?

I have to download windows/Linux/Android wallet program/app from the coin developers official website. This program/app will generate the unique wallet address for me. This wallet address is available for sending/receiving coins from other wallet address of exchange websites. A new-born coin has been listed in any exchange/trading website, that’s why I have to store in my device ( computer wallet program/smartphone app ).

Wallet out of Sync

Wallet: out of sync ?

An offline (cold) wallet cannot send coins to other wallet address for trading when It’s stuck in Out of sync status.


– Backup your wallet.dat to a safety location.

– Contact with support via Developers’ support channel: discord/twitter/facebook/bitcointalk.

– Download the snapshot / bootstrap wallet data from Coin developers official website.

РSave nodes information  into a Coin.Conf file name  ( i.e: BankNotes.conf, CaluraCoin.conf,OracolCoin.conf )

– Then overwrite unpacked snapshot/bootstrap data into Coin stored path (i.e: in windows the default path is: %appdata%/CoinName )

– Copy Coin.conf into Coin default path. Then start the wallet.

– Drink a cup of coffee and get synced.

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