A coin to invest in ? Choose Dogecoin!

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Why should I invest in $doge ?

Like bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin, the main purpose of this coin is to allow for peer-to-peer transactions. As an investor, here is my opinion about Đoge .

Widely use in a real life: more than 375 stores accept Doge for payment . You could buy a car, clothes , postcard and baseball ticket ( check the list at: https://spendyourdogecoins.cf/ )

Trading pair : many startup coins could be trading in doge

Transaction fee : 1 doge / 1 Kb.

Transaction speed: less than a minute

Community support: A strong army of doge and dogefather ( Elon Musk : https://twitter.com/elonmusk ) . See at dogecoin.gg

Where to buy dogecoin?

Via app: Robinhood

Via exchange site: bittrex, binance ( My invitation: https://accounts.binance.com/en/register?ref=CMU6WXHO )

What will be the price of a doge?

Dogecoin will rise up to $1. and currently reach $0.45 ( 04 th May , 2021 ).

Rick investment ? Should you try this ? It’s up to you.

Don’t Put All Your Balls In One Basket

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