Create a dogecoin node on your own VPS

Requirements + More than 80 Gb storage VPS ( Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, 20.04 LTS ) + Know some Linux comands Here we go! Download dogecoin wallet from official github: 64bit: 32bit: Download doge bootstrap…

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Sublime text 3207

How to install Sublime text editor Download:×64%20Setup.exe Bypass the license key server: Activate the software:

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How to get nulled best cache wp plugin

Here I’ll tell you how to get nulled the best cache wp plugin. WP-Rocket. Download and extract a fresh ( not nulled ) wp-rocket zip file from a trusted source ( no malware, no virus…

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Flash Player EOL (End Of Life) Workaround Solution

If you’re running VMware client, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome requires Adobe Flash Player to execute your application, here is some solution you should try: 1. Find a portable browser ( included installed flash player )…

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Indexing update in iquidus explorer

Sometime the indexing, synchronization process take longer time than I expect. Scripts/sync.js seems to be hang, no response? Here is the way to make you clear about the description of sync process Edit the scripts/sync.js:…

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VSFTPD 530 Login incorrect

Have you ever met a problem with installing a new FTP server using VSFTPD on CentOS? Here is my vsftpd.conf file And monitor vsftp.log: Here is the solution: vi /etc/pam.d/vsftp comment #auth required service…

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