Simple script to keep key process running

If you’re running a VPS to host your website blog, how could you keep your service running Yes, It’s simple. You need to monitor the key (important) services, processes of your application running. Here’s my…

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Disable Litespeed cache on shared hosting

LSCache provides excellent improved performance by caching website content. But I sometime need to run another caching solution. So today I will tell you how to disable LScache on a specified domain. Modify your .htaccess…

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Sublime text 3207

How to install Sublime text editor Download:×64%20Setup.exe Bypass the license key server: Activate the software:

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Error 404 on Wordpress nginx

Fixing 404 error in wordpress on VPS running nginx

Apache rewrite rules and Nginx rewrite rules are different In apache, all you need to configure permalink using mod_rewrite module in .htaccess file. But in Nginx you’ll do in nginx.conf rewrite rules. To avoid 404…

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Disable autostart/autoplay HTML5 video tag

How to change autoplay off? Just a simple javascript will help you to disable autoplay feature of video tag in HTML5 Remember to remove autoplay param from video tag Set and unique class id of…

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Navicat Premium

How to install Navicat Premium on Windows

Navicat Premium is a very powerful database development tool that allows you to simultaneously connect to MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL. 1. First, go to official website to get the latest trial download…

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