How to cut video using ffmpeg

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How could I trim ( cut ) video based on start and end time using FFMPEG ?
Firstly, we can calculate the length of output video stream based on start, end time.

So we can cut your video in seconds with following command:
ffmpeg -ss 00:01:00 -i input.mp4 -to 00:02:00 -c copy output.mp4

-i: This specifies the input file. In that case, it is (input.mp4).
-ss: Used with -i, this seeks in the input file (input.mp4) to position.
00:01:00: This is the time your trimmed video will start with.
-to: This specifies duration from start (00:01:40) to end (00:02:12).
00:02:00: This is the time your trimmed video will end with.
-c copy: This is an option to trim via stream copy. (NB: Very fast)

In advanced, we can cut the content in the middle by following code

# In order to keep <start-15s> and <45s-end>, you need to 
# keep all the frames which are "not between 15s and 45s":

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 \
  -vf  "select='not(between(t,15,45))',  setpts=N/FRAME_RATE/TB" \
  -af "aselect='not(between(t,15,45))', asetpts=N/SR/TB" \

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