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Do you keep your personal information secure?
Nowadays, I and my friends are all using one of social network such as: facebook, twitter, wechat, zalo, instagram… etc. Every none privated information of us is available for friends and so many anonymous guys to collect. The bad guys will use your photos, public profile to make a faked account with the real information of us.
As far as I know, there’s two kinds of faked account: the one is hacked social account, the other is faked information account.

I heard some stories about scammers: my brother facebook account got hacked, and the hacker send mass message to all people in the friendlist. That guy ask people to send him $45,000. There’s one closed friend of him, got scammed, make a bank transfer.
Here is my story about the scammer I’ve met today.
I’ve made a post on trading website, to sell my valued iPhone XS with the price at $1,500.
At 11:00 AM morning in Vietnam, a stranger added my social account, with a female foreigner avatar, she said “I saw your post on chotot. I am in Missouri”.
She started the story: “I just left Vietnam few weeks ago, now am in USA. And I want to buy the phone for my friend in Vietnam…So I want you to help me ship the phone to my friend address in Vietnam and I will pay you the shipping charges and the money for the phone.” Her speech is too good for me. I’ll be paid for $1,600 or higher. But I myself don’t believe the story.
Investigate to find the scammer.
? There’s so many question marks in my head. I posted the news on local website, of course in my local language, Vietnamese. Why could she/he understand that ?
?? She asked me where I’m living. I said I’m in North city of Vietnam, Hanoi. Then she ask me to ship the phone to the South. I asked her/him about the dropper ( the girl/guy that she/he want to send phone as a surprise gift ) phone contact detail. She/he gave me an address: No.99 average station. Ward 11. District 8. HCMC. I checked the address is not a valid address.
??? She/he really didn’t care about the price. Ask me so many times about the shipment:” When will you help me ship the item to my friend in Vietnam? When will you make the shipment? When will you go and make the shipment”. About the payment, she said: “I will make a bank transfer to your account.No I can only make a bank transfer.I will make transfer of all the money”. The media said too much about some groups of foreigners and local people scam money. These guys always say to make bank transfer when the shipment made.
Protect your information.
After all of these untrusted reasons she/he gave it to me. I’ve decided to add her/him into the scammer list. Share my story to all friends, to get rid of scammer.
Don’t easy to trust any stranger.
It’s too easy for someone who has collected all your online public information: your phone number, your hobbies, your birthday, your work, your latest social status…etc.

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