PHP parse douyin url without watermark

How to get downloadable video url from douyin?

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TX not found while trying syn.js index update reindex

Problem:Duplicate “Time” in the rawtransaction rpc Solution: Delete the line of file: src/rpcrawtransaction.cpp Re-compile the daemon wallet and remove previous synchronized data.

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makefile.unix:179: recipe for target ‘obj/checkpoints.o’ failed

This error occurs when you’re trying to compile the daemon coind from source on Ubuntu 18.0.4 and the solution is

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Build your own blockchain base on Komodo Platform

Want to build your own asset chain and token? It’s easier than you might think, thanks to Komodo. Your guide is here:

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Setup Iquidus 1.7.3 latest

Requires node.js >= 8.17.0 (12.14.0 is advised for updated dependencies) mongodb 4.2.x *coind Recommend VPS/Server: DigitalOcean You can deploy an explorer by signing up via my referral url ( ) and get $100 credit…

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Get .xyz domain with only $0.60/ 1st year.

.xyz is Global Domain Name. A new generic extension that is for everyone, everywhere & everything. Whether you are a corporation or a small business, a student or a startup your online presence is your…

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