Windows 11 Green Screen Problem: Inaccessible_Boot_Device

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Inaccessible Boot Device

If you’re a fan of Windows OS, It’s time to update the latest Windows 11. But there’s some problem with your device ( laptop PC ) while upgrading from windows 10 to windows 11. And today I’ll show you some workaround solution for the issue : Inaccessible_Boot_Device

  1. Try to rollback the latest stable state of your laptop’s Windows OS, use System Restore feature.
  2. Try to remove the latest updated packages of your Windows.
  3. Enter the boot menu, boot from a startup usb into WinPE to backup all your valuable data, keep it safe. Then Install the brand-new Windows 11 Pro. You could get a bypass TPM 2.0 Windows 11 version at: .

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