List of Korean games in Squid Game

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Squid game: Real life

Squid game: a good movie for you, It’s a netflix series.

Plenty of people here have dived into the show so I won't waste time going on about it in depth, i think everyone knows and has been told what the shows premise is by someone or read it somewhere as it's gotten around. Money Heist meets Hunger Games meets Mr robot, kinda. A show totally worth your time. An awesome powerful nightmare fuelled ride from start to finish. Its very much social commentary and an important series if you know anything about anything at all. Big fan of Korean movies, had to check this series out. Finished Mr Robot not that long ago and really needed something interesting and atmospheric to jump into, and when i stumbled upon this gem I couldn't have been happier. Original mind bending stuff. this, amazons The Boys, it's a good time for original art. Check out if you love the more outside the box creativity. In an era where tiktok sadly exists, and the way society has become, we need good unique adult entertainment more than ever. They will stand the test of time. Not to sound pretentious but, i consider it a way of seeking the truth somehow, a well written artistic show can take you many places -Zack Luke-

Here is the list of Korean traditional games:

  1. Ddakji game
  2. Red light green light
  3. The Honeycomb game ( Dalgona candy )
  4. Tug of war
  5. Marbles
  6. The glass bridge
  7. Squid game

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