Turn your $5 VPS into Multi-site Hosting with Fastpanel

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Fastpanel Dashboard

Imagine you’ve got a $5 budget as monthly website maintenance, and you also want to tune server/hosting performance? It’s possible for you to get a starter hosting package.

But today I will tell you to build a hosting control panel on a $5 VPS with FastPanel.


• General understanding of web servers
• Familiarity with Linux OS and command line
• Ability to edit files with nano, vi or vim


#connect to your server via IP address
ssh [email protected]

#Debian 8, Debian 9, Debian 10, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04 
apt-get update; apt-get install wget

#CentOS ( 7 or later )
yum makecache; yum install wget

#Execute the setup script

wget http://repo.fastpanel.direct/install_fastpanel.sh -O - | bash -

You’ll get the welcome message with the control panel login information. You can have a look at demo site: https://demo3.fastpanel.direct/

Fastpanel dashboard
Fastpanel full control dashboard.
Successfully install fastpanel on a VPS

Setup Issues

Some problems you may meet while setting up the fastpanel on your VPS.

  1. SELinux  Enable

You need to disable SELinux before you install the fastpanel software

Modify the state of SELinux on the file : /etc/selinux/config
then restart the VPS
# ~ sudo shutdown -r now
//check the result after rebooting...
# ~ sestatus

2. HTTPD service installed

When you create the VPS, it’ll be installed httpd service ( apache ) and started on boot. You will need install the fastpanel with option –force

# ~ cd /tmp/
# ~ wget http://repo.fastpanel.direct/install_fastpanel.sh
# ~ chmod +x install_fastpanel.sh
# ~ ./install_fastpanel.sh -f

3. Mysql service installed

If you’ve got this message:

Error while installing MariaDB

Installing web service: nginx, httpd, php
Oops! I’ve failed to install control panel… Please look for the reason in “/tmp/install_fastpanel.debug” log file.’
Feel free to send the log to my creators via ticket at https://cp.fastpanel.direct/ and they will do their best to help you!

Here is the workaround solution

  • Remove installed failed fastpanel
  • Modify the installation script
#completely remove fastpanel
yum -y remove fastpanel2*
#remove installed mysql software
yum -y remove MariaDB-common

Modify the script: /usr/share/fastpanel2/bin/install-web.sh

#Change this line 
yum install  -y nginx httpd httpd-itk php php-fpm php-mysqlnd.x86_64 php-gd php-ioncube mod_fcgid mod_rpaf || InstallationFailed
yum install  -y nginx* httpd* httpd-itk* php* php-fpm php-mysqlnd.x86_64 php-gd php-ioncube mod_fcgid mod_rpaf || InstallationFailed
#Save that file.
#start like-new installation fastpanel
# ~ cd /tmp/
# ~ ./install_fastpanel.sh -f

Oops It works!

If you’re researching an $5 VPS, let’s have a look at Vultr.com, DigitalOcean. Here is my invitation links: https://gosurl.com/vultr and https://gosurl.com/digitalocean

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