Convert HEIC into JPG on macOS

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Convert HEIC to JPG

HEIC stands for High-Efficiency Image Container, is the default format on new photos on iOS 11 or later.

And there’s a little issue for you when you need to create some designs on windows, or the application requires JPG/JPEG format.

Here we will have a solution to convert HEIC file format into JPG on Mac.

1.Install Homebrew

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

2.Install imagemagick

brew install imagemagick

3.Create a bash shell ( save as: , chmod +x )


# 1
set -eu -o pipefail

# 2
count=$(find . -depth 1 -name "*.HEIC" | wc -l | sed 's/[[:space:]]*//')
echo "converting $count files .HEIC files to .jpg"

# 3
magick mogrify -monitor -format jpg *.HEIC

# 4
echo "Remove .HEIC files? [y/n]"
read remove

# 5
if [[ "$remove" == "y" ]]; then
  find . -depth 1 -name "*.HEIC" -delete

4.Copy into /usr/local/bin/ folder then you could run it from anywhere in your mac

sudo cp /usr/local/bin/xheic

5.Now you got all jpeg image files to continue your creative designs.

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