TX not found while trying syn.js index update reindex

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Blockchain index update issue

Problem:Duplicate “Time” in the rawtransaction rpc

Solution: Delete the line of file: src/rpcrawtransaction.cpp

entry.push_back(Pair("time", (int64_t)pindex->nTime));


the daemon wallet and remove previous synchronized data.

Another issue you’ll meet while running: node scripts/sync.js index update

Cannot read property 0 of undefined’ during initial sync/update.

And this is the workaround solution for your iquidus explorer.

I’ve had this issue and fixed it by changing the following line in explorer.js:
if (vout[i].scriptPubKey.type != 'nonstandard' && vout[i].scriptPubKey.type != 'nulldata') { 
if (vout[i].scriptPubKey.type != 'nonstandard' && vout[i].scriptPubKey.type != 'nulldata' && vout[i].scriptPubKey.hasOwnProperty("addresses")) {

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