Configure SSL for Cpanel Hosting websites

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Trusted connection on the Internet is the must-have security requirement for all websites. How to configure your website with a totally free SSL certificate?
1. Please verify that your hosting provider supports SSLforfree or Letsencrypt. As far as I know there’s some providers such as: namecheap hosting, hostgator business and professional package, godaddy…
2. Submit your website domain name to
Free SSL for your domain name
3. Now you need to verify your website owner.
Verify Website Owner
There’s three options
(*) Automatic FTP Verification: You need create a FTP user for this option. Enter FTP information to automatically verify the domain
(**) Manual Verification: You upload the authentication files to website folders. Upload verification files manually to your domain to verify ownership.
(***) Manual Verification (DNS): Need create some DNS records of your domain name. Use this if you cannot verify through a web server or cannot use port 80. You will be adding a TXT record to your DNS server.
Verify Ownership
Let’s choose the option 2
Upload Verification Files
Upload Verification Files: download 2 files. Then upload to folders: .well-known/acme-challenge of the website.
Then click Download Free SSL Certificate.
+ Download Certificates files:
SSL Certs

Note that: You need renew the SSL key after 90 days. See more at :
4. Configure SSL/TLS in cPanel
Select TLS/SSL in security zone
SSL in cPanel
Then click manage SSL sites
Manage SSL sites
Manual import ssl keys:
Import SSL cert
5. Compact https with your WordPress
Go Plugins — Install & Activate Really Simple SSL plugin.
Trusted website connection.

Final click to active a trusted connection

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