Convert mov to mp4

Convert .mov to .mp4 using FFMEG

Why do you need this tool ? I myself often record daily moments with my smartphone, iphone, DSLR camera…etc. And these devices has output file extension is .MOV . I will need to convert into…

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Python to download video from douyin

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PHP parse douyin url without watermark

How to get downloadable video url from douyin?

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Simplest way to solo mining Crebellion

The easy Solo mining Guide in 3 steps: 1) make a crebel.conf file: Windows: Make a new text file and name it crebel.conf \AppData\Roaming\crebel\crebel.conf ubuntu: /.crebel/crebel.conf 2) write this in your crebel.conf file:

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Team Viewer

Teamviewer 13 Full License 2018

TeamViewer is free for personal use until TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially. It’s time to purchase a license for Teamviewer software? Hey you guys! Today I’ll share a tip to get licensed for…

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Forget Putty and SecureCRT, Use Tunnelier

To start a SSH connection, we always think to install a dark screen full of command lines window Putty. The other masters can purchase a copy of SecureCRT. But today I recommend you to try…

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