Solo Mining Litecoin Tutorial using Ubuntu 16.0.4

First, begin by setting up a Ubuntu server. You will need to have enough disk space for the blockchain. I’m using these specs on 10$/mo: Ubuntu 16.04 1 vCPU 2.0 GB memory 40 GB…

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Wallet out of Sync

How to fix cryptocurrency coin wallet out of sync?

I’m a newbie at Cryptocurrency (coin ) mining . I’ll tell you how I fix my problem with offline (cold ) wallet. WHY Should I Use Offline wallet? I have to download windows/Linux/Android wallet program/app…

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Linx ASIC Scrypt Mining Pool

LinX, a brand new coin with it’s roots at the heart of the dance music community (Artists, Producers, DJs, Fans etc). If you’re running a Script miners, You should try this crypto: LinX Official website…

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Happy mining with Prohashing

Just go and hash Happy hashing with Official website: Pool url: Miner commands: miner -t 4 -o stratum+tcp:// -u prohashingusername -p “c=GameCredit“

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Gamers Play and Get GameCredit

I started to mine cryptocurrency (gamecredit) since 3rd April,2018. Why I choose $game, just because I like playing PC games. And now Gamers can make money with $Game Gamecredit Mining Specifications Algorithm: Scrypt BlockTime: 90…

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