Unwanted Pop-ups Caused by Injectbody/Injectscr WP Plugins

How to remove unwanted pop-ups from your website? The main reason is a injected wordpress plugin called Injectbody/Injectscr. The encoded Javascript was located in the path: drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Feb 8 14:50 injectbody/…

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Remove Address and Phone from Google Maps

Have you ever met a problem with your busy phone number? So many unknown guests call for drink, fast food …etc. Maybe your private number has been public on Google Maps. Someone added your number/address…

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Setup company gmail with G Suite

Gmail’s very popular email application for us. All features of Gmail’s free and good. If you’ve got a website/ domain name, you’ll be able to create your-owned-domain email with G Suite. What is called G…

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Q2A thumbnail in question list

Show first image as thumbnail in the question list

In a Q&A site, people will ask ( share ) the image file to describe their question clearly. It’s so convenient for the whole community if there’s a thumbnail for each question in the question…

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.NET Framework on Windows OS

Install latest version of .NET framework

In Windows Operation System, if you want to setup a new software, it will require .NET framework with the version later than you have. At that time, the installation will be failed. You need get…

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turn back time 1990s website

How to find a website in the past

There’s so many websites in the internet, some websites are still available, some other website didn’t work or expired. Most of all websites could be archived in a wayback machine ( not all the website…

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